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Interview with Prof. Ahmed Zewail (December 12, 1999).
Interviewers: Prof. Sture Forsén and David Dishart.

Streaming video at nobelprize.org

Nobel Lecture by Prof. Ahmed Zewail (December 8, 1999).
Ahmed Zewail held his Nobel Lecture titled Freezing Time – In a Femtosecond at Aula Magna, Stockholm University. He was presented by Prof. Bengt Nordén, Member of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.

Streaming video of the presentation at nobelprize.org.
Streaming video of the Nobel Lecture at nobelprize.org.

The lecture in PDF format (15MB).

Originally published in Les Prix Nobel: The Nobel Prizes 1999, ed. T. Frängsmyr, Almqvist&Wiksell, Stockholm, 2000, p. 110; reproduced in Nobel Lectures, Chemistry 1996-2000, ed. I. Grenthe, World Scientific, Singapore, 2003, p. 274.

Illustrated Presentation, a web-adapted version of the Nobel Poster from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Nobel Diploma awarded to Prof. Ahmed Zewail.

Ahmed Zewail's speech at the Nobel Banquet (December 10, 1999) at nobelprize.org.

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